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Statement from the

Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops.

July 20, 2023


An extremely grave initiative is underway in Florida that seeks to erase pro-life protections by banning government regulation of abortion in our state constitution. A network of abortion activists is working to gather petition signatures to have a pro-abortion constitutional amendment placed on the statewide ballot in the November 2024 election. In order to do so, they need nearly 900,000 signatures and are working right now in communities across Florida to collect them. 


This amendment is deeply concerning because it will allow all abortions to be obtained until viability and includes a broad "health" loophole, essentially allowing abortion on demand up to birth. The amendment would hinder the Florida legislature’s ability to protect women and children from abortion. It could also nullify current laws requiring parental consent before minors obtain abortions and a 24-hour waiting period prior to abortions, as well as the 15-week and 6-week abortion laws recently passed by the legislature. 

Floridians should not sign the petition. Declining to sign is not impeding the democratic process; it is taking a stand against what would be a terrible state policy. The FCCB is following developments in the initiative process closely and diligently preparing to help defeat it. Continue your prayers for the protection of the unborn and spread the word to your spheres of influence.

Thank you for helping to protect and respect all human life, especially the most vulnerable. 


The Bishops of Florida

Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski
Archdiocese of Miami


Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito
Diocese of Palm Beach


Bishop John G. Noonan
Diocese of Orlando


Bishop Frank J. Dewane
Diocese of Venice


Bishop Gregory L. Parkes
Diocese of St. Petersburg


Bishop William A. Wack CSC
Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee


Bishop Erik T. Pohlmeier
Diocese of St. Augustine


Bishop Enrique E. Delgado
Archdiocese of Miami




Ballot Title:  Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion


Ballot Summary:  No law shall prohibit, penalize, delay, or restrict abortion before viability or when necessary to protect the patient’s health, as determined by the patient’s healthcare provider.  This amendment does not change the Legislature’s constitutional authority to require notification to a parent or guardian before a minor has an abortion.


Article and Section Being Created or Amended:  Creates – Article 1, New Section


Full Text of the proposed Amendment:  New Section, Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion.


Limiting Government Interference with Abortion. – Except as provided in Article X, Section 22, no law shall prohibit, penalize, delay, or restrict abortion before viability or when necessary to protect the patient’s health as determined by the patient’s healthcare provider.

Florida's First Coast,

where Christians first landed in America.

First Coast Catholics is organized by

faithful Catholic laity.

For this reason, we do not claim to speak

for any individual priest, bishop or the

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Please Pray

this Prayer Daily

LORD GOD, grant us...

   WISDOM to know that abortion is an intrinsic evil which gravely offends You and merits eternal consequences for us.

   FORTITUDE to never procure an abortion, assist someone in procuring an abortion or promote abortion in any way.

     FORGIVENESS for the sins we have concealed for so long which are not hidden from our memory.

LORD GOD, grant all Florida citizens the resolve to OPPOSE and vote NO on the pro-abortion Amendment to "Limit Government Interference with Abortion."

LORD GOD, grant Florida's Supreme Court Justices, Governor and Lawmakers a firm commitment to use their powers to PROTECT the Unborn - the most innocent and most vulnerable of all human LIFE.

LORD GOD, we know that You can do all things.  We earnestly ask You to help us Make Florida TOTALLY Abortion Free!

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